Immersive spaces

"Multi-sensory and modular spaces for contextual studies and many other use cases"

Desktop Lab

"Sensory analysis station for table"

Table Lab Solo

"The Table Lab Solo convertible station makes it very easy to conduct focus groups or studies in a closed station"

Full Lab

"Closed, mobile and foldable range of sensory analysis cabin. The ideal product for food and olfactory tests!"

Mobile video mirror

"Nomadic mirror for sensory analysis"


"Sensory analysis options available"

Lite Lab

"Removable and foldable booth for sensory analysis"

Table Lab

"Transformable meeting table for sensory analysis and focus group "

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The Lab in the Bag®

The multi-sensory immersive experiences!

Manufacturer of immersive rooms (event, health, wellness, marketing) and innovative tools for sensory analysis.

About us

The Lab in the Bag has a partnership with Reperes company.

With a company size over 50 employees, Reperes was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Paris (20 rue Bouvier, 75011 Paris-France).

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Learning to let go

To boost our ability to innovate, it is necessary to switch from the automatic mental mode, the one that manages daily or even routine, to the adaptive mental mode, the one that manages the initiative. In partnership with The Lab In The Bag, IME Conseil is experimenting with a multisensory awareness device based on the […]