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Lite Lab mobile sensory booth

Mobile and Foldable sensory analysis box

  • Foldaway sensory analysis desk
  • Easy-to-assemble and easily transportable model for a punctual use

Realized in alveolar polypropylene, this desk is equipped with a serving hatch, a Light LED and a call-out light.

Walls and work plan can be cleaned very easily. With the possibility to create a mini lab merging several box, with an additional separating wall.

A chair is supplied with the foldaway desk of analyses

The sensory analysis station Lite Lab are available for sale and for rent.

Postes d'analyses sensorielles - Sensory analysis station - Lite



Dimensions (metric measurements): Height 1.50 m x Lenght 0.52 m x Width 1 m, it’s the ideal solution for your punctual sensory tests – work plan:  0.98 x 0.50 m

Total weight including the chair: 8 kg

Assembly: 1 minute

Lite Lab mobile sensory booth-analysis-test concept-packaging-product

Standard equipments and on request :

  • Kit of lighting (Lighting LED – color in the choice: white warm 3000-3200K, white way 4000-4200K, white cold 6000-6500K, green or red)
  • Autonomous foldaway skin equipped with 2 reservoirs of 9l
  • Touchpad (on Android or Apple)
  • Walls of separation
  • Back work table








For special requests of file formats to send to you, we are at your disposal (AI, DWG, 3Ds, Obj, PDF).