Revolutionize the world of sensory analysis booths

As a designer of research tools, The Lab in the Bag‘s line of business is to offer innovative solutions to R&D professionals and research institutes carrying out sensory analysis tests.

The Lab in the Bag concept was born in 2013 to revolutionize the world of sensory analysis booths. The first patent was set up in relation to the work of Franck Saunier on breakthrough innovation that is the nomadic sensory laboratory Full Lab.

By close monitoring of technological trends and on-going sharing of information with partner researchers and clients, we are able offer ideas which are both innovative and actionable.

The Lab in the Bag team has multi-disciplinary skills and works in synergy to meet specific client needs (Digital technology, Manufacturing processes and equipment, Industrial design and Marketing). We work closely with consumers to enable experiences and feelings to be captured in a real-life context over time. Our tools decode underlying consumer wishes and enable innovation to be achieved in line with needs.

Our goal is to provide them with new opportunities:

  • More reliable
  • More flexible
  • More economical

Our ability to respond and our international presence, enables us to react to the needs of clients operating outside France and meet their after-sales needs quickly and efficiently.

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