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Among our strengths, we demonstrate professionalism and rigor in our development of measurement tools. The goal is to ensure a high level of quality conditions for collecting product evaluation data by offering a controlled, standardized and easily duplicated on all the places of tests.

Our methodology is focused on introspection and on meeting the needs of the research market players. To promote the achievement of qualitative and quantitative studies, our tools are reflected in comprehensive ways (aesthetic, technical and ergonomic use):

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of transport
  • Neutral colors
  • Performance materials
  • No lingering odours


The Lab in the Bag products turn your existing room into a laboratory of sensory analysis tests.

The layout of sensory analysis booths are completely modular and mobile based on your study protocols.

Our design teams can help you customize the study tools (size, accessories, colors …) according to your protocols, your places of current or new tests, your new ideas …


The services are tailored to your needs and your budget, The Lab in the Bag products are available for sale and to rent.

We are entitled on Research and Experimentation Tax Credit (CIR) and we can participate in your projects of Research and Development.