Key advantagesTechnical characteristics

smart mirror for sensory analysis

  • Mirror of sensory analysis
  • Easily transportable for punctual use

This mobile video mirror of analysis is a one-way mirror, with a WiFi camera and LED lights, it stands out due to its simplicity and its light weight.

  • Case structure is available in black or grey material (PP refined).

An Android 10′ tactile tablet 8 Go and 32 Go SDCard is supplied with the video mirror.

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Mobile Video Mirror

Dimensions: H. 1’97” x D. 0’33” x W. 1’48”
Weight: 7,72 lbs

  • The lighting LED can be modified, color of choice: white warmth 3000-3200K, white medium 4000-4200K or cool white 6000-6500K.

Further information on the camera

  • The perfect picture is ensured by a highly sensitive 3MPix CMOS sensor with Full HD resolution and a lens with a 160° viewing angle and aperture of f2,4.
  • A/V and HDMI output so you can easily watch recorded videos on the TV.
  • It allows live vision on tablet or Smartphone (under Android or IOS – Application for IPhone iOS 6.0 and higher / Application for Android 4.0 and higher) via a WiFi connection and records your videos on tablet or SDCard.
  • About 6 hours of recording on a 32 SDHC memory card.

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