Learning to let go

To boost our ability to innovate, it is necessary to switch from the automatic mental mode, the one that manages daily or even routine, to the adaptive mental mode, the one that manages the initiative.

In partnership with The Lab…

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The Room for the Senses in the spotlight !

When the sensory analysis leaves the laboratory….

During the Joint SFP/SFC Conference on April 11, 2019 at SACEM, Julien Delarue from Agro Paris Tech, in his presentation “When sensory analysis leaves the laboratory”, talks about technological innovation and the progress…

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The Alu product range is coming!

Aluminium Sensory Analysis booths

In order to enlarge our complete range of sensory analysis booths and provide solutions that are increasingly adapted to your projects, The Lab in the Bag team now offers you a full aluminum range.


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Festival of free words – Courbevoie

Immersive poly-sensory experience in Courbevoie

The Lab in the Bag‘s team will be present at the Courbevoie Festival of Free Words to give audiences a unique multi-sensory experience about the four elements.

Visitors will be received at the Parc…

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AgroParisTech study


The appreciation of a product is greatly influenced by the context of its use.

This is especially the case for food products, with a perception that may be impacted…

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Laure – New team member!

Laure strengthens the team of The Lab in the Bag ensuring trade missions.

A question about a research tools? You want to take knowledge of trends about research tools? Laure will help you in your search of…

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Florian – New team member!

Florian joined The Lab in the Bag to ensure missions of marketing and design projects.

We will soon upload a catalog and datasheets of our products to promote our brand.


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