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Full Lab mobile sensory booth

Greater reliability

Mobile booth entirely adapted to sensory analysis (taste, sniff, visual, haptic)
A totally sealed area in terms of light, ventilation, sound, odour
Strictly identical test conditions whatever the place or time:
Far more reliable test conditions: the same test characteristics everywhere and at all times!
Scientifically legitimate comparative analyses at last

Full Lab removable booth for sensory evaluation

Substantial cost savings

The “Total Cost of Ownership” is 2 to 3 times lower than with a traditional permanent laboratory.
The flexibility of Full Lab means more cost effective and varied use of the sensory analysis booths.
The quality of the sensory-proofing of the booths improves productivity and schedules via the simultaneous use of a greater number of booths.

Cabine Full avec un miroir vidéo nomade. Full cabin with mobile video mirror

Clear-cut convenience

Handling requires just one person: assembling / dismantling the booths is very easy and takes just 6 minutes, which means that a laboratory of 10 booths can be created in only 1 hour
The structure is light ( making handling and transport simple and economical (land, sea or air), and totally flexible
Completely adaptable to the fluctuations in your testing needs
Your tests carried out in identical conditions in several different geographical locations or cities, indeed worldwide, simply and flexibly: depending on your temporary or permanent needs, a laboratory of easy-to-assemble sensory analysis booths that comply with safety standards and are identical whatever the city or country

Full Lab open - Nomadic sensory booth

A complete range of booths

The Full Lab cabin is available in several sizes to offer a complete range:

  • Full Lab – Classic – 1500 mm (depth) x 1000 mm (large) x 1900 mm (height)
  • Full Lab – Stand up – 1000 mm (depth) x 1000 mm (large) x 1900 mm (height)
  • Full Lab – Head in – 1000 mm (depth) x 1000 mm (large) x 1000 mm (height)
  • Full Lab – Large – 1500 mm (depth) x 2000 mm (large) x 1900 mm (height)
  • Full Lab – XXLarge – 3000 mm (depth) x 2000 mm (large) x 1900 mm (height)


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Technical characteristics

foldaway sensory laboratory

  • Portable sensory cubicles that meet the weight, volume and sensory-proofing requirements:
    • for sniff and taste tests
    • of the laboratory standards set out in ISO 8589
  • Maximum weight of the standard booth: 70 kg
  • Dimensions of the standard booth (possibility to adapt the dimensions to your needs, ask us for a quote) :
    • Approx.Dim. (metric measurement): Height 190 cm x Width 100 cm x Length 150 cm
    • Booth thickness when folded away: 10 cm approx..

portable sensory testing cubicle

  • A sensory-proofing system adapted to any area with an opening or air extraction system (window or extractor fan)
    • Evacuation and air extraction vents regulated by a controlled mechanical ventilation extractor system for the olfactory purification of the sensory analysis booth, and to control humidity and temperature levels
    • All adjoining parts of the structure magnetized to ensure complete water/airtightness
    • Lighting controlled by LED
    • Cables of the in-car IT system built in, and water/airtightness ensured
  • Water/airtight rigid structure made from the latest, non porous, cleanable non odour absorbing composite materials
    • Cellular plastics reinforced by an aluminium structure to carry the weight load
    • Made from materials used in construction that meet the fire safety standards currently in force
  • Worldwide patented system

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Video Full Lab installation