A revolution in the world of mobile sensory booth

New product on the market of mobile sensory booth

Initiated by François Abiven and Frank Saunier, the  marketing research institute Reperes, expert in product testing, launches The Lab in The Bag®. A mobile sensory booth totally adapted to sensory analysis (taste, haptic, sniff, sight). Foldable and removable, Full Lab is a disruptive technology.

Full Lab booth is designed to optimize missions of researcher, easy to transport and easy to use. The tester is installed in a neutral setting at the context which guarantee optimal standardized conditions to perform the organoleptic test.

Full Lab open - Nomadic sensory booth


The Lab in the Bag®

242 Boulevard Voltaire, 75011 Paris – France
Tel :+33 9 62 07 08 85 / +33 7 67 22 72 51
E-mail : contact@thelabinthebag.com