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Paris2024 : An immersive and inclusive polysensory experience


Through the patented concept of the Immersive Room, a mobile multi-sensory space, Agence Repères proposes the deployment, from the end of 2017, of mobile structures with a high immersive potential that will offer the possibility of changing views on disability, generating sports opportunities and reinforcing interest in the Paralympic Games.

This deployment will be carried out through a partnership with the French Association for the Paralysed (APF), highlighting the relevance of immersive experiences for young people, in particular as an extension of the agreement between the Regional Committee for Sports for the Disabled and the APF for the Paris region, which aims to introduce numerous disabled sports activities and reinforce the inclusion and exchanges between future athletes in the disabled sports world and the general public.

This deployment will initially take place in public spaces, in local authority structures and schools, with the support of appropriate partnerships, and then be extended over the seven years of preparation for the Olympics in the world of business, and finally internationally, in markets identified by the start-up.


Immersion to promote inclusion

The immersive experience aims to change mentalities, moving away from a perception of disability based on the identification of disadvantages, towards a positive approach, highlighting achievement, accessible to all.
In Canada, this mainstream approach (“what is good for people with the most severe difficulties is good for society as a whole”) has led to talking about the disabled as «exceptional people» or people with «special skills” rather than as people who are deficient.

Emotions, vectors of situational intelligence

The French law of 11 February 2005 for equal rights and opportunities expresses a desire to initiate a genuine dynamic of inclusion of people with disabilities.
Offering immersion in the world of the disabled sports champion, our device is designed to present sporting activity as a powerful lever for the inclusion of people in «exceptional» situations. It has been proven that immersive experiences develop situational, spatial, and cognitive intelligence, and contributes to building self-esteem and self-confidence.
This support for a psychological dimension enables the establishment of development objectives targets for physical and psychological capacities, particularly in sport-related educational situations.

A tool to help realise potential performance and achievement 

Immersion aims to revise conventional ideas in the collective consciousness relating to both physical and mental disability, and remove the certainty that disability entails lower capacities than “normal” people.

Serving the Olympic Spirit 

Immersed in the conditions of the challenge, the very young disabled person is able to acquire confidence in their potential: every “exceptional person” is capable of unexpected levels of performance.



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