Immersive Room

Immersive device controlling multi-sensory parameters

Desktop Alu / Polypro

Sensory analysis station for table

Full Lab

Mobile booth entirely adapted to sensory testing (the ideal product for sniff test!)

Full Corner

Sensory analysis booth for round table

Mobile video mirror

Nomadic mirror for sensory analysis

Lite Lab

Removable and Foldable booth for sensory analysis

Table Lab

Transformable table for sensory analysis

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Removable mobile booths and innovative equipment solutions for sensory evaluation.

Standardized or customized, equipment of The Lab in the Bag are available for sale and to rent.

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About us

The Lab in the Bag is the product division of Reperes.

With a company size over 50 employees, Reperes was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in Paris (20 rue Bouvier, 75011 Paris-France).

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AgroParisTech study

UNE SALLE IMMERSIVE POLY-SENSORIELLE POUR MESURER LES EFFETS DU CONTEXTE The appreciation of a product is greatly influenced by the context of its use. This is especially the case for food products, with a perception that may be impacted by such things as the place and the time of consumption, other food products consumed at […]