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Discover the range of options available for our products like the standalone sink, powerful suction hood for sniff tests, 3 different types of light, acrylic mirror…

3 different types of light kit: daylight, indoor light and red light

  • Daylight : 6500 K
  • Indoor light : 2700 K
  • Red light : 2000 K






Standalone sink kit



  • Stainless steel sink (12L)
  • Tap
  • 12V System
  • Fresh water tank
  • Waste water tank

Sniff test extractor hood

Extractor kit for sniff tests

  • Usable in “The Lab in the Bag” sensory isolation laboratories

Tablet and hood made of reinforced hollow-core expanded PVC, suction outlets at the rear and on the sides connected to the power supply via an 80mm (3″) diameter cable.

  • Odour neutralisation system via a varnish / film applied to the tablet, hood and back of the booth

Dimensions: 980 x 500 x 35mm (39 x 20 x 1″)
Height between hood and tablet: 600mm (24″)
Thickness of the tablet when folded away: 100mm (4″)
Weight: 8.3kg (18lbs)

Additional information

  • Kit to be used only in “The Lab in the Bag” sensory isolation laboratories
  • Includes treatment of the walls of the booth

Regeneration of odour neutralisation via periodical spraying (every fortnight max, daily for intensive testing) of a product sold separately (kit comprised of sprayer and 100 x 2ml pods).


Bespoke solutions

cabine mobile d'analyse sensorielle

Our design teams can help you customize The Lab in the Bag sensory booths( dimensions, colours, accessories…) to accomodate your test protocols, current or future test locations, new ideas and projects…

The Lab in the Bag also gives you access to new test locations (shops, public places, restaurants…)

In conclusion, the flexibility of The Lab in the Bag enables you to define and implement your own sensory test conditions and ensure their robustness, for less investment.

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