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The appreciation of a product is greatly influenced by the context of its use. This is especially the case for food products, with a perception that may be impacted by…

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Kean – New team member !

Kean joined us in The Lab in the Bag to ensure engineer missions for our projects related to digital technology.

Laure – New team member!

Laure strengthens the team of The Lab in the Bag ensuring trade missions.

A question about a research tools? You want to take knowledge of trends about research tools? Laure will help you in your search of tools and the layout of your test rooms.

Florian – New team member!

Florian joined The Lab in the Bag to ensure missions of marketing and design projects.

We will soon upload a catalog and datasheets of our products to promote our brand.

DESKTOP – New product

Mobile sensory booth for table

  • Desktop sensory analysis station 
  • Collapsible model that is easy to transport, for occasional use

Foldaway kit (tablet & walls) made of reinforced cellular materials.

With or without rear serving hatch.

11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium

The Lab in the Bag at the 11th Pangborn Science Symposium (Gothenburg -Sweden)

Pangborn is the biannual meeting place for the specialists of sensory analysis.

On this occasion, our partner FlavorActiv presented the entire The Lab in the Bag range…

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LITE LAB – New Product

Lite Lab a new mobile sensory booth for ad-hoc use

  • Foldaway sensory desk of analyses
  • Easy-to-assemble and easily transportable model for a punctual use 

Realized in alveolar polypropylene, this desk is equipped with a serving hatch, a Light LED and…

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Demonstration of nomadic immersive room

Printemps des Études 2015 – Immersive room

The Lab in the Bag team has innovated with the presentation of a nomadic immersive multi-sensory laboratory prototype at the Printemps des Etudes 2015 trade show: the immersive room offers the possibility to place…

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